The Designathon17 is a unique opportunity to meet like-minded people, to learn by doing and to design the future.

  • Meet other curious people who are keen on experimenting and share your passion for a great user experience.
  • Learn and share skills and methods with university folks and practitioners in a 24-hours design sprint.
  • Be part in designing tomorrow’s interaction between human users and laundry equipment.

In the spirit of Hackathons we will learn, build and share. Accept the challenge!

The Designathon17 takes place from:
Friday 13 October (18:00) until
Saturday 14 October (19:00)

With nice prizes to win! Share the flyer and the Facebook event!

The Designathon17 is hosted by The Research Hub by Electrolux Professional at the HSB Living Lab in Göteborg.

Competition with nice prizes!
This Designathon is for curious people interested in design and engineering – more diverse backgrounds are very welcome. Register as an individual or as a team (2 to 5 p. – complete or open to further team members). We encourage you to form interdisciplinary teams.

The Challenge

User Interaction in Professional Laundry 2020
Imagine and prototype tomorrow’s interaction between the users and the washing machines and tumble dryers in professional laundry. An interaction which creates new value, is faster to learn, easier to use and more inclusive for everyone.


  • Design challenge
  • Short input presentations
  • Friendly competition

Preliminary programme (schedule is subject to change):

Friday 13 October:
18:00 – 18:30: Welcome meeting, team forming
18:30-19:00: Official start: presentation of the design challenge and introduction to professional laundry
19:00-…;-): Work on challenge, short inputs

Saturday 14 October:
8:00-9:00: Breakfast & exchange/question round
9:00-16:30: Work on challenge, short inputs
12:30-13:30: Lunch buffet
16:30-18:00: Prototype presentations
18:00-19:00: Award ceremony and celebration


The Designathon17 Rules and the Terms and Conditions for the participation can be downloaded through the respective links.

Remember that Hackathons – and in their tradition also this Designathon – are like marathons. Some people go to compete but most people take part to better themselves and have fun. Whatever the reason is you’re at this Designathon, make sure you’re upholding the “hacker spirit” (Learn, Build, Share) by collaborating with other teams, helping beginners and having fun.


  • Participants form teams of 2 to 5 people. The organizers encourage the participants to form interdisciplinary teams.
  • Participants may register as individuals, as complete teams or as teams open to further team members. (Select the respective option in the registration form.
  • Participation is open to interested people with a minimum age of 18 years.
  • All team members should be present at the event. Leaving the venue for some time to work elsewhere or to sleep is fine.
  • Applicants for participation can be rejected, participants can be excluded from the event and teams can be disqualified from the Contest at the organizers’ discretion. Reasons might include but are not limited to the maximum number of participants being reached, unsporting behaviour or an applicant/participant having ties to a competitor of Electrolux.


  • Teams can use an idea they had before the event.
  • All work on a project should be done at the Designathon.
  • At the end of the Designathon the teams present/demonstrate their prototypes to the other teams and the organizers.
  • Winners will be judged based on the following criteria:
    • Value for customer and/or environment
    • Ease of implementation
    • Creativity of the solution
    • Elaboration of the prototype towards experience and functionality
  • The Contest winners will be selected by a panel of judges.
  • The decision of the panel of judges is based on the subjective opinion of the judges. By entering the Contest you release the organizers and the judges from all and any liability related to the decision of the panel of judges.
  • Contest prizes are non-transferable by the winner. If you accept a prize, you will be solely responsible for all applicable taxes related to accepting such prize.

Credit: Parts of these rules are adopted from the TADHACK 2017 and the HackUPC 2016.


What is Designathon?
A A Designathon is a “design marathon”, similar to a Hackathon. However, the focus is not on hacking (programming) but on designing. With design we understand the ergonomics and aesthetics of products and their behaviour from a user perspective. Interaction design shapes specifically the interaction between a product and its user. This can include both “screens & buttons”, physical interaction or even remote services.

I’m not a Designer, can I participate anyways?
A Yes of course! A variety of skills, experience and perspectives is a good basis for a successful design team. We strongly encourage interdisciplinary teams. What you should have for sure is curiosity and an interest for users and their interaction with technical products.

How do I get to the HSB Living Lab (to the Designathon17)?
A Link to the HSB Living Lab on Google Maps
You can get there by public transport: Tram to “Chalmers” + 650 m walk or bus to Engdahlsgatan + 300 m walk

Is accommodation provided?
A No. Unfortunately we can’t provide a space to sleep. We assume that most participants are from Göteborg or close by. If you live too far and have no place to stay in Göteborg, feel free to contact us so we can try to help you finding something suitable.

What does it cost to participate?
A The participation in the Designathon17 doesn’t cost anything. We’ll even provide food (snacks on Friday evening, breakfast and lunch on Sunday) and drinks. You only have to pay for yourself getting there and – in case you want to stay in a hotel/hostel – for the accommodation.

Do I need a laptop?
A Not necessarily. Sketching, building prototypes, enacting interactions and much more can be done without a single bit being flipped. But sure it’s a good idea to bring your laptop for the case you want to research on the web or work digitally, especially if you have programs you like to work with.

Do I need to take tools or material with me?
A We provide basic tools, paper and some materials to build simple prototypes. However, if you have your favourite pencil or nice marker pens you love to work with, why not take something with you. And if you need material for a prototype which we don’t have, we trust in your inventiveness (and some scrap waiting for being recycled).

If you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact us on


The registration for the Designathon17 is closed.

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